100WC~ Box Mission by maya

Finally, home alone… Mom was out doing errands and dad was at work. Yesterday Mom brought in a box from some place I don't know, and my mission was to find the secrets within it. There were still baby cams in the house from, like, 10 years ago. And my mom STILL uses them so my first mission was to turn them off. I went to the door that turns the power off for my whole house, and that seemed fastest so I flipped the switch, all the lights turned off, but I could still see. I came to the box, empty! What a surprise!


  1. I think this is good, but since there is a ... in the prompt I think you are supposed to put other words. after that prompt. Not a ending. But I still like your story. :)

  2. I actually loved your story! I think that the ... means you need to right something there. At least that's what our teacher told us. I think Maya did perfectly fine. Good job Maya!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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